Vredestein are well respected agricultural specialists and with good reason. They make tyres of superb quality and continually use their technological expertise to continually develop market leading products. The tyres in our range are specific to light and medium horse power small & compact tractors. Their main function is to offer the user comfort, stability and a long life span. We have tried many different brands in the past but nothing can come close to Vredestein's quality at this price.

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The Vredestein Faktor-S is often fitted on light to medium horse power tractors. The broadening of the cleats in the centre of the tread ensures driving comfort and has a positive effect on the life-span of the tyre. A fantastic Tyre

Vredestein Factor-s Tractor Tyres


The Traxion 85 shares many of the features of the Dutch companys larger Traxion+ tyres, but extends to sizes more appropriate for sub-150hp tractors. Optimum tyre performance forms the basis for a high return on investment.

Vredestein Traction85 Tractor Tyres