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Buying Quad bike tyres, can be a very simple purchase but sometimes markings on the side wall of the tyre can make things difficult. Let me answer some of our most asked questions bel

What does the size relate to?

The size markings of a ATV, QUAD, UTV tyre are different to what we would see on a car tyre. Taking a look at the 27X11.00-14 size. The 27 means hight in inches, 11.00 is the width in inches & the 14 is the diameter of the wheel rim it is fitted to in inches.

Why do I have NHS written on the side of my tyre.

NHS doesn’t stand for National Health Service when it comes to tyre this simply means Non-Highway Service “not road legal” and only to be used in your garden and green lanes etc…

I'm looking for a 6-ply tyre but can only see 6pr is this the same

A much-asked question and very simple - the answer is yes PR means Ply Rating

Will I need an inner tube for this tyre?

Most ATV, QUAD & UTV tyres start life of tubeless, with the number of punctures they get over their life tubes tend to find their way into the tyre. There is nothing wrong with this at all. When you are buying a tyre, it would be wise to look at the condition of the rim if this is showing signs of corrosion the purchase of an inner tube would be for the best as the new tyre may not seal against the rim once removed.